As a consequence of going paperless this year we are using a variety of software packages to get information to parents. We are using direct email from the Taylor’s School G-mail, Google Classroom and Engage (our School Management Information System). All of these software packages are designed to send an email to your Taylor’s Family G-mail account. 

Engage is a powerful piece of software that is used as a database for all our student information which includes contact details, reports, subject teachers and attendance. We can also use Engage to provide parents with direct access to view student reports therefore negating the need to print off progress reviews. We were hoping to have parent access available by now however there have been some teething problems with this. When this is available we will of course let you know immediately. 

Parent workshops

As part of our commitment to increased communication with parents we are inviting all parents to take part in our parent workshop initiative. This will involve staff and parents getting together to discuss educational developments and school issues. The aims are to give parents the opportunity to learn more about how we approach education in TIS and for us to get feedback and information from parents to help us decide on the direction of education at TIS. Our 1st parent workshop will be on the 17th March where we will be sharing our vision for TIS and in particular how our new Future Learning curriculum is helping us achieve this. 

Please register your interest via this Google Form - click here.

Assessments - Key Stage 3 (Years 7,8 and 9)

- We do not (for most subjects) rely on end-of-year exams to gauge how well students are doing. Most subjects use a programme of Continuous Assessment. Currently Maths is the only subject that conducts a summative end-of-year examination. 
- 'Continuous Assessment' means that there are numerous common assessment tasks scheduled throughout the year, usually at least one per half term for every subject. Collectively, these tasks inform teachers of a student's attainment and progress throughout the year and generate the summative mark / Level awarded at the end of the school year.
- These tasks do not have to take place on any fixed day. We operate a policy of 'testing when ready', which means the scheduling of each assessment task is at the discretion of individual teachers' professional judgment: when they feel their class is ready for the test, that's when the test will be conducted. That said, many subjects will be scheduling assessment tasks in the run-up to a reporting window  in order to inform the reports.
- Some assessment tasks are like traditional tests in nature, but some are 'project/assignment'-like and are designed to provide opportunities for students to apply the skills and knowledge they have acquired during a unit of work. Consequently, they may not be conducted under exam conditions, and may be time-lined over several lessons. Sometimes, the assessment might even be a paired/group task.
- If a student is absent for a common assessment task for a subject, it is usually possible for them to do the task when they are next in school. The individual teacher will speak to the student about the feasibility of this.

Creative Chinese New Year Handmade Cards From TISPC

The students from Year 7C2 Mandarin Class recently received the “Do-It-Yourself” Chinese New Year cards from our sister school, Taylor’s International School Puchong (TISPC). This is a significant milestone in promoting a friendly relationship between the students of both schools. The students  expressed their excitement over this unexpected cordial gesture of their friends from TISPC. “Sometimes the simplest things mean the most” , a quote to sum up the said development. Thank you. 谢谢你们!